What materials are safe for the human body?

What materials are safe for the human body?

Many people want to buy their favorite sex toys. But maybe they don't know what material is safe for the body. Let us take a look at what materials are safe today. If you decide to purchase sex toys, we recommend that you only purchase it if you include the following materials.

Silicone sex toy
Silicone is one of the most common sex toy materials, and besides it is completely safe and non-porous. Silicone toys are great because they are easier to heat to body temperature and can have a variety of shapes and textures.

ABS plastic sex toys
 Other sex toys are usually made of hard plastic, such as ABS. These are also safe materials for the human body and can be easily cleaned between uses. ABS does not pose any harm, and some of our bullets are also made of this material.

Metallic toy
Metallic toys are also a material that is guaranteed to be non-porous due to its hard material. They are very easy to clean, so if you do the proper cleaning between washes, you don't have to worry about any bacteria.

Glass sex toy
 The glass is smooth, hard and non-porous. If these sex toys are immersed in warm or cold water, they are easy to clean and can also be used for temperature games. They are usually made of safely used borosilicate (Pyrex) or soda lime.